Natural Hair Tips

Hair is a significant component of personal appearance in our society. It often affects your self image and self-esteem. Because of that, it’s a big deal to have hair that appears healthy, feels goo and looks great.

One thing to remember is that your health, and the health of your hair, starts from the inside and works its way out.

Here are a few hair tips that can help you maintain your hair.

#1 |  Shampoo in the shower

This is the best way to cleanse and condition your hair ( besides the salon’s sink) because it keeps your curls pointing downward.

#2 |  Keep your hair well moisturized

One of the best ways to ensure consistently well-defined curls is keeping them moisturized. Not with oils, but with regular condition and deep conditioning.

#3 |  Apply products  while wet

Your hair should be as wet as possible when you begin the styling process. Once you exit the shower, begin applying your styling products.

#4 |  Let curls clump together

Use a paddle brush or comb through your hair with your fingers. Let your hair take the lead and allow curls to come together on their own.

#5 |  Divide hair into sections

To ensure full coverage of hair products, you’ll need to section your hair. Depending on thickness, this may be anywhere from two to eight sections.

#6 |  Do not scrunch

Once you have products in your hair and it’s combed through to your satisfaction, do not scrunch it. Scrunching hair that’s already curly will only cause it to become frizzy.

#7 |  Use good quality products

You’ll get much better results with high-quality gel than you will from a cheap drugstore brand, which usually leaves hair feeling crunchy and parched.

#8 |  After products are applied, leave hair alone

Once your hair products are in and you’ve combed through your hair or worked through it with your fingers, leave your style alone.

#9 |  Let your hair air dry

You may not always have time to let your hair air dry, but do it whenever you can. The less heat you place on your hair in the form of blow drying, even if it’s diffused, the more moisture your hair retains, which is crucial for maintaining healthy hair that won’t frizz.

#10 |  Get a great cut

Is your hair refusing to shape up no matter what you do? It may be time to visit a stylist and get a cut that complements your curls.