My Hair Is Beautiful

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The My Hair is Beautiful workshop is targeted toward girls ages 5-13 and aims to instill in our youth the value of high self-esteem while also encouraging them to follow their dreams. We invite a number of talented individuals of careers, called “Mentors,” to share their stories of hardship with our children. Through open conversation and self-esteem building exercises, we allow a safe space for transparency and solidarity, and as such inspire the next generation to not only love themselves but also to love each other as they learn and grow.

My Hair is Beautiful is not just a program – it is a movement.  We hope this movement encourages not only young girls but people of all ages to embrace their natural, healthy hair! Help us help our girls!  SUPPORT MY HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL.  Attend a workshop or sponsor a girl.  To find out how, contact us at 480.907.9498 or email us.

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