Arlette Pender, owner and operator of HAIRLOKS by ARLETTE Natural Hair Care Salon is both fondly called “Ms. Arlette” and known as “a concerned natural hair stylist (or NHS).” She’s decided to extend her concern for her clients and natural hair consumers and has formulated and developed an all natural hair care product line intended to be used as a core hair care system. In today’s natural hair industry, there are many products on the market and yet her salon encounters clients who are experiencing dry hair as well as scalp issues.

“I have consulted with many men and women throughout my extensive career of 45 years of service in the natural hair industry. Initially, I was satisfied with a known product line for many years until there was a sudden change in the company and I no longer wanted to support it. I stumbled on the idea of a product line to add to my own brand, which was suggested by a long term client of mine who formulates products. She insisted on creating a formula for me against my wishes. She asked me, “what do you want your product to do?” I answered, “I want it to be comparable to the products I’m using.” I was informed that the products I loved had some chemicals added in the detanglers, so I immediately decided to formulate a line of all natural products with a focus on healthy hair and scalp. From this, “HAIRLOKS: A System for Natural Hair” was born. It is sulfate free and infused with chamomile, calendula, sesame seed oil and an invigorating fresh scent. The system consists of 6 products constructed to cleanse, condition, hydrate, moisturize, soften, and fortify the hair and scalp and, of course, to be used together for best results.

My intention is to educate the consumer on a healthier way to care for their hair, scalp and/or beard. I love the system, my clients love the system and I’m sure you will love the system as well!”